Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Disneyland Vacation *Day 1*

Summer is over....kids are in school. Why not get back to blogging??

We were able to go to Disneyland at the end of the school year last year.
James had been planning this trip since the last time we went in 2010....even tho I wouldn't let him speak a WORD about it (he couldn't even say the word mouse) until a year before the trip.
We wanted the trip to be a surprise for the kids...so we told them we were going to the beach for vacation. They bought it....even with many many slip ups. We flew into LA, rented a (super sweet) car and drove the long way to our hotel, so we could drive right past Disneyland. It was dark, so the street was glowing...but they STILL didn't get it! Our hotel was right across from, the park entrance...so when we finally got out of the car, Bella says "can we go there one day instead of the beach" ummm...yes, sweetie....how about we go there 6 days and just one day at the beach! And of course, there was some negotiation happening "How about 2 days at the beach and 5 days at Disneyland" For goodness sakes children.
 photo IMGP6473_zps9a798542.jpg
The next morning we got up bright and early....threw on the handmade shirts and headed out the door to the Happiest Place on Earth.
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I found this image while Googling Disney Princesses....there's this whole line of funny cartoons called Pocket Disney Princesses. Look it up...if you have girls as obsessed with Disney as mine are, you'll enjoy them!
 photo IMGP6476_zps4dfb8446.jpg
One of the things James researched was what time of year to go. We wanted to go in an off season, less crowds (and no rain....). Disneyland ALWAYS has crowds, but we could definitely maneuver a lot easier this time around.
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Jaxson wasn't impressed with having to sit OUTSIDE the gates. He just wanted in! We learned quickly, and after that first day of waiting, we brought along things to do. Patience is not his forte.
 photo IMGP6478_zps02748533.jpg

 photo IMGP6483_zps8b27f833.jpg
The first thing we did was hop on the train that takes you around the entire park. I love to see all the rides, Jax however wants to ride all the rides...again...you cannot ask patience of a 3 yr old at Disneyland.
 photo IMGP6485_zpse88abe8d.jpg
First stop! Autopia. Jax and Daddy rode together, Bella got her own car and Aube "learned" how to drive in the car with me! Oh the smell of Autopia fumes! (gag)
 photo IMGP6487_zps5ee36019.jpg

 photo IMGP6489_zpsfe33d984.jpg
Nemo ride!
 photo IMGP6490_zps6fb227df.jpg
We ate lunch and took in some Jedi training. This is a definite MUST the next time we go.
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 photo IMGP6499_zpsb04d0fb8.jpg

 photo IMGP6508_zps3256ea72.jpg
We ate dinner at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. So much food and so yummy!
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 photo IMGP6513_zps02fad0db.jpg

 photo IMGP6515_zps92b9018d.jpg  photo IMGP6517_zps65a5de46.jpg

 photo IMGP6520_zps18cb6f3b.jpg
I'm pretty sure we rode Small World 52 times this trip....for some reason it never gets old. And really, thinking about it....none of the rides there get old, must be all the magic and fairy dust being spread around. The girls STILL talk about this or that they remember seeing inside the ride.
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Danielle said...

i think it is beyond hilarious that you were able to keep this a secret from the kids! i love that more than anything! what fun parents y'all are!! your kids are so lucky!