Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Jax!

Jax turned 3 at the beginning of April....and in true Sarah fashion, I wanted to throw a fantastic party for him. I love going all out on my kids birthdays....and hopefully I'll be able to keep doing it for a few more! This year was actually not as stressful as parties in years past have been. I think the reason is because we used my parents backyard {instead of our front yard} and I used the decorations from church that we use for our Pinewood Derby {perks of being a Primary Pres....AND I was totally able to add to it, new decorations for this year's derby!}
I have to say...our ward has acquired some really neat decorations...lots and lots of these giant oil banners that totally look authentic. Not to mention, the yards upon yards of black and white banner.
 photo IMGP6350_zps208d8322.jpg
We held the party during we "sold" nachos, hot dogs, popcorn and chips at the Concession Stand. photo IMGP6348_zps143372b4.jpg
 photo IMGP6345_zps81541a08.jpg
The road to the backyard party!
 photo IMGP6343_zps52a3b13d.jpg
Everyone's a winner. I found these cute mini trophy's on Oriental Trading.
After the party, the kids got to take one home, along with some Cars tattoos and stickers.
Those tatt's were a hit with my kiddos...that afternoon they each had at least 5 on each arm.
 photo IMGP6344_zpsb8197517.jpg
When guests first arrived, we had a table set up for them to color their own racecar.  photo IMGP6352_zps78ceab82.jpg
And then the rest of the party was spent doing different types of of the favorites being running around the track spraypainted by my parents and sister!
Run, run, run! Get that energy out!!
 photo IMGP6361_zpsc20af813.jpg
Jax has some great buddies....who love cars just as much as he does!  photo IMGP6363_zps7bd43bc2.jpg  photo IMGP6364_zps8b82e535.jpg
 photo IMGP6373_zps75125024.jpg
In lieu of a cake, I went for a more Jax-appropriate treat: a donut cake.
Jax loves himself a donut.
Can you tell??
 photo IMGP6375_zps148685e4.jpg
And thanks to Daniel, he was able to get all 3 candles blown out quick quick!
 photo IMGP6379_zpse3f0bccc.jpg
The most popular gift of the day....a monster truck!
Boys and their starts so early.
 photo IMGP6403_zpsd25fd2c8.jpg
I commisioned Hannah to spray paint the side of the shed {disclaimer: she had been waiting and waiting for something to spray paint on there}. She had fun and it was perfect...we just need to work on where the red goes on the stoplight! She has a few more weeks till she's 16 to study up!
 photo IMGP6444_zpsdfd3ec97.jpg
Happy Birthday, sweet Jaxxy! We love you!!


Danielle said...

such a fun party!! love that jaxxy!

Tirzah D said...

that donut cake! how awesome :D haha love it!!

Krista said...

What an awesome idea!! Good job girlie!! He's such a cutie.

Julie said...

What a cute birthday, as usual! Looks like a lot of fun. Your kids are getting so big!

Cheree said...

You know how to throw a party lady!!! And I'm totally stealing that donut cake idea (bit for my husband ;). You all look so wonderful. The kids are growing so fast too!!