Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's just call this the blooper reel.

In reality, these are some of my faves I took with my iPhone. Sometimes I feel like I take more/better picture with my phone than with my camera! 

Arriving in LA! Can you tell the flight went well for James. His seat partner being Jax.
That boy makes everything easier...said no one ever.
What did we ever do before iPads and computers and phones when travelling? Color? Look out the window? Read? Heh.
(Im)Patiently waiting. It's hard seeing something RIGHT THERE and mommy saying "Just 30 more minutes" ....then "Just 26 more minutes".....then "Just 17 more minutes" get my drift, yes?
Happiness is....getting onto the first ride of the trip! Even if it is just the train!
How much do I love Star Wars? Let me count the ways....
Watching kids learn to be Jedi's warms my heart!
Mommy's favorite "ride" ....The Tiki Room. With a side of Dole Whip. I could have had one of those 3 times a day, so yummy.
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki rooooom....

Disneyland is Ex.Hausting. For serious. Good thing it's fun, too...or this one would have wanted to sleep all day!
We found out there was a Jamba Juice in Downtown after we lined up to wait for the gates to open, James or I would run down to get smoothies! I'm lucky there's not a smoothie place close to me....I'd be there every day!

I was dead set against right the Tower of Terror....mainly bc I don't like drop-y rides, or any rides for that matter....but also because I don't like drop-y rides. Even something as FUN as Star Tours.....not for me, I broke into a sweat in that ride and had to close my eyes the entire time!!
But....the girls wanted to go...and the height limit was at where Jax could go too....ummmm, yeah, I probably would have been fine. So James took them!
Did they like it?
Uh, no.
You should have seen their faces when they came out. Way too creeptastic.
While they were being creeped out by a haunted hotel....mommy took a stroll down Buena Vista street. And did some shopping. Ü
The weather in Anaheim was in the morning, a little warm in the afternoon....breezy at night. Perfection. One of the days got down right "toasty" in the afternoon....NINETY-TWO DEGREES....but phew...feels like 88*....I wish it did that in Texas: ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES....feels like 67*. Heh.
James is in awe over talking to Crush. JUST LIKE ME!
Earlier in the day, we wanted to ride the Luigi's Tires ride and something happened and they weren't working...but we stayed in line anyways for a bit...finally they said it wouldn't be working for awhile, but here's some line jumpers for you....okie dokie, we will take it! So, we waited until that night and came back...craziest ride! The floor blows air and you move your big inflated tire around by moving your body!
We got to go to World of Color again this trip. It was COMPLETELY different than 2010! Wow. I had visions of crying Aube, in her brand new Snow White dress, throwing a fit, sitting on the cold, wet concrete as the rain drizzled hard down on us.
I'm so glad we could go again and experience this show in it's full glory! Thank you, James...I luh ya.
Walt Disney was quite the if we didn't know that already.
The magic that he created for people through Disneyland is something that is treasured throughout the years. It's an amazing place...somewhere you can go and believe for even just a little bit that dreams really do come matter how cheesy that sounds, when you see that castle and all that surrounds truly do believe.

I'm so glad we got to spend a few days with Aunt Kari, Uncle Matt, Kaleb and Dresden.
With them living in Las Vegas, we don't see them all that much. But the kiddos were able to become friends and share in the magic together!
Bah, people!
One of my favorite things at Disneyland is the parades....We caught one at California Adventure...but I only caught a far off glimpse of Disney Soundsational Parade.
The Bibbity Bobbity Boutique was very traumatic this year.
Bella has a very sensitive head of hair. Looking back, I should have made sure it was brushed out and in a condition where it wouldn't have hurt so much. And it didn't help that the dresses they picked out didn't fit quite right...lots of itchy spots.
But the fairy godmothers in training did EVERYTHING they could to help us. They brought extra shirts for the girls to wear under the dresses to help with the itchies. And while Bella was bawling whilst getting her hair done, this awesome lady made the greatest attempt to bring some cheer to the situation. I'm SO thankful for her!! She made Bella feel so special.
Note to self: skip BBB.
The "reveal" after Aube was all made up....she has to say the magic words: bibbity bobbity boo...and the curtains draw back and she got to check herself out in the mirror. Of course, she wasn't very happy...couldn't get over the dress being too itchy and hot (der...don't pick out a long-sleeved dress, yo!).
See the difference? The ladies made her so happy. That and I let her pick the cuh-razy hair design. (deep breath, mommy)
After the boutique, the girls had a special date with some princesses.
Aurora was simply adorable.
Boy cousins and their cars....

Heh. Aube's face. So so unimpressed.
All I want is bacon and noodles....
Not really....but in vacations past, Aube has said some things in her dramatic moments that will never be forgotten and consistently used against her! One of the upsides of parenthood.
It's so SANDY!
So much SAND everywhere!
I actually don't know what she's saying here...but I'm sure it was something hilariously dramatic.

It was seriously so cold on the beach.
As it got a later in the afternoon...the clouds started rolling in.
And the sea turned it's colors a bit darker.
I don't know what it is...but the ocean speaks to my soul. I spend the rest of my life on a beach. 
No filter.
Those clouds rolling in brought a bit of rain the next morning.
We tried to find a place out of the downpour in Downtown Disney (on our way to get smoothies)....and ended up choosing THE WORST place, where the rain was actually coming down HARDER because of an incline in the roof.
We got drenched.
My all-time fave ride (I feel like I've said that a few times in all these posts): Toy Story Mania.
Such a good distraction....reading their character book.
The one time Jax snoozed!

Fried zucchini for lunch on the last day.
Fried heaven in a basket.
On our way to drop off the rental car.....7 days worth of excitement can take it's toll!


Anonymous said...

Such good memories. We need the ride photos! The Tower of Terror one is hilarious.