Sunday, July 6, 2014

What do you think you're doing?

 Our Family at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this past weekend.
.....minus the 2 ginormodogs.
And I just noticed I didn't pick the picture where Aube was smiling and Jax was looking.
Great start.
I lost that blogging feeling awhile back. What can I say?
Thanks to my trusty tablet and One Drive, I may actually make this a habit again.
Don't hold yer breath.
I always felt like I was doubling up, oversharing, telling the internets all about my life with blogging and  Facebook, then add in the wonderful work of Instagram.... and wowza....who really wants to know all that? Then I was reading a friends blog.... cause I have some rad friends that are good at that.... and realized that since I don't scrapbook, the story behind the pictures is going to get lost. And I may not take as many pictures as I used to, holy moly I used to take pictures of everything.... but I still want memories for my kids to look back on. Pictures also rarely get printed... so they gots to get put somewhere.
James just asked me if I was going to catch up and blog about what's happened the last year and a half.  I may have more time on my hands nowadays.... but I don't think I could fit that all in!
We've been busy.
Oh my goodness.... am I really going to push the publish button??