Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our 4th of July weekend

I have spent the last few, maybe 6 - not that few - months stressed out to the max over Day Camp. And I'd like to say I handled it beautifully, "stress, what stress?" but however, I did not.
Then add to it another week of Girl Scout Day Camp, which I wasn't in charge of.... but handed me a whole 'nother basket of crazy.
To say I needed to get away is an understatement. I really needed a beach vacation, preferably by myself, but if James wanted to come, I'd have been ok with that. Preferably a beach far, far away.
Of course, that's not gonna happen.... beaches just don't grow on trees.
So we went to the next best place.
Emily's house!
Jax helped me pack.
Which meant bringing the two most important things of the day:
Toy gun and sunscreen....
Which he then sprayed in his eyes....
Which, of course, can only be remedied by bandaids.
 Mother of the year award.... but when things happen, we HAVE to snap the pic, ask questions later. And this hilariously played out in a matter of 2 minutes, max. I was lucky to even get a picture! Thankfully, I dissuaded him from putting the second bandaid on.
Being the procrastinator I am... I had the kids make their 4th of July shirts a few hours before we needed to leave. I crossed fingers and toes that they'd be dry.
This is probably the 3rd year I've had them make shirts.... and YES, it would be MUCH easier to buy the $5 Target 4th shirt.... and probably cuter, too. But for some reason, the crafty beast inside me wants them to MAKE them. Forthelove.
So we do.
Crafty beasts cannot be ignored.
We got to San Antonio Thursday night in time for bed.... we stayed up for a bit, talking and cuddling Ollie. Emily has a lovely set up at her house... including a comfy queen sized bed, which makes for a very good night's sleep.
The next day we attempted to go to a parade... in my mind, a parade is where you go and sit along the street and watch it... then leave.
Well, the parade we were trying to get to was in the middle of a festival of sorts. A FIESTA, if you will. We took one look and saw dollars being spent on various activities, tears being shed because of said dollars running out. So.... we left.
And instead, went to eat at a yummy restaurant called Chachos.
Love my girls in their polka-dot-y shirts.
Ollie entertained us with smiles... such a happy fella.
James and I decided to "split" the infamous KONG nachos. This picture doesn't do it justice... but the look on Jax's face describes it perfectly. THE KONG.
Cheese... cheese... and more cheese. And some meat mixed in here and there.
After eating a disgustingly absurd amount of cheese... we went home to swim. My kids were ecstatic about this... they LOVE Emily & Jed's pool. Turns out Ollie loves it too.
We had plans that night to go to Jed's parents house, that's out in the country, and shoot some fireworks. We stopped by a stand to buy some.... holy expensive batman.
Jax got to see a monster truck.... he's so going to own one of these one day in the far distant future! Hopefully by then they'll invent some sort of monster truck elevator, so he can take his old momma for a spin.
Back to fireworks - they must make a pretty penny!
If we ever buy our own fireworks again.... note to self: spend that pretty penny and buy MORE.
Cause it's FUN.
More, I tell ya!
We usually have some fearful, ear-covering children for the big boom-y fireworks.
But for some reason we had no tears this year.... no complaints here.
Maybe it was the massive headgear??

Bella smiled thru the whole production.... which was odd, since this is her least favorite holiday.
And we were maybe 10 feet from the action.....I know, uber safe....
but fearing for your life makes it just that much more fun! ha. Gets the heart racing a bit when you thing that power flower screamer snake is coming right for ya.
I hate this picture of me....I promise no one spiked the punch.
But holy cuteness, looked at Ollie's face. He's a keeper, that one.
Not a sleeper, tho.... Well, I take that back, I guess he sleeps... he just has a habit of getting up at certain times at night. Ah, babies.... they're crazy, I tell ya!
Emily is doing a smashing job at this whole motherhood gig. I had no doubts....
This is actually what you would call a "generational" picture...
I used to change Em's diapers and she changes Ollie's. Shirley that's what they meant, right?
 I'm so glad Emily & Jed live so close. I wish all my siblings lived this close!
But I'm thankful they opened their home to us for the weekend... it was the getaway I needed. Laughter, hugs, and baby snuggles can cure what ails ya.


Danielle said...

They are such a cute family!!! And that little oliver, HOLY SMOKES! He's cute! Love the pictures, the stories AND YOU!