Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fiesta Texas

For James' birthday last year, we purchased Six Flags season passes. We use them quite regularly, since we live maybe 10 mins from Six Flags Over Texas.
One of the things James wanted to do while in San Antonio was to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The man loves his amusement parks, that's fer sure. As we were driving there, he was all "how cool would it be to go to every Six Flags in the country?" So rad, man. So rad.... I'll be sitting over here with my popcorn and Slurped, dreaming about the beach.
It really was a beautiful, hot, humid day.
We gave Fiesta Texas a thumbs up....
Looking back, we should have skipped the disaster that was the water park and just stayed and found more rides to ride. It was probably a bit too busy a weekend to go.... we (and by we I mean they) only rode maybe 3 rides, the dang lines were so long. But we had fun, nonetheless.
And James had a crazy fast coaster buddy in Emily.... so they got to ride at least one big kid ride!  
Around 2, we thought we'd hop on over to the water park.
Uh no.
The first warning sign should have been the mile long line that we had to CUT INTO.
(sorry folks)
But we went in anyways.
After a few minutes, we could tell it would take some luck to get a chair in a shaded spot. And with poor Ollie getting hotter by the minute, Emily & Jed said their goodbye's for the day.
We finally found a chair to stow our stuff on.... and the kids played and rode some smaller slides.
The kiddie pool you see behind Aube.... yeah, well.... they had it closed because they couldn't see the bottom! Too murky! Omyword....that's so gross. So, while James and the kids went to ride a bigger slide...I sat murky-poolside and people-watched. Wowza. Nothing like an amusement waterpark to keep you amused.... maybe that's what they meant by amusement! heh.
And to check the clear-ness of the water....a lifeguard would walk out to the middle of the pool and submerge a life-size baby. I found this ridiculously hilarious for some reason.... tho others, if not knowing what was going on, might find it horrid. That dang baby looked REAL, yo. Real.
 James and the kids came back from that water slide AN HOUR LATER. I was sitting there, watching the baby drama, eating popcorn and sippin' on a Slurpee, thinking YAY, they got to ride more than one.
Uh, nope.
Just one.
In line for an hour.
What were we thinking???
Then to top it off....a storm rolled in. And it was a-rollin' fast!
The lifeguards cleared the area and ALL the waterpark occupants exited.....
Then it poured.... as we were squeezing ourselves out of the waterpark.
Good thing we were already wet and in swimsuits.
But oh my-lanta....I've got some claustrophobia issues. But what can you do, other than just fast to yer chirrens and let the crowd push you???
We made it out in one piece... and as soon as we were in the car, the rain stopped. Nice.
 So we got Popeyes Chicken and called it a night! What an adventure.... of sorts.
Emily and I ended the night on a good note.... we made dreamcatchers!
Something we've both pinned on Pinterest and have been wanting to make for yonks!
We glittered some feathers, wrapped some hoopty-hoops.
 Instead of tying the middle... we used doilies I'd collected from various estate sales/thrift stores.
And not only do they catch dreams....
they catch crazy bald men, too.
Win win.


Danielle said...

I'm so glad yer blogging again! It's so fun to read!! What a disaster of a day! But yet y'all still smile about it. Awesome!

Kim said...

You had me at dreamcatcher! Those turned out so beautiful! I wanna make one....anywho. My kids went to six flags with their free reading tickets and their DAD. I got to stay home and clean the house (ie: watch will and grace and sex and the city reruns) all day. I use to love to ride the roller coasters but after being pregnant my enjoyment of amusement parks ended.

Kim said...

P.S. except for the people-watching...i will totally go for the people watching.