Thursday, July 31, 2014

Grammy and Papa visit.

When Aubree made Regionals, Papa and Grammy booked a flight to come see her (and possibly Bella) swim. They said they invited themselves... but of course we were SO happy to have them come spend time with us! It had been awhile since we had seen them, and we were all SO excited! Since the girls are in school, swim, and so many other things.... we don't make it up to Minnesota as often as we have in the past.
We all still fit in one car!
The night they arrived, we went to dinner at Benihana....seems to be a tradition (nice and expensive tradition, ahem). We went there the last time they visited.
On the way home, someone noticed this place of business.....CHIN hair design (not just year regular ole hair design!!!) I've driven this road hundreds of times.... and have never seen it, tho you know it's been there for ages!

On Saturday, we all got up super early.... some earlier than others ;). And went to watch Aubrey swim in McKinney. She was in the very first session.... started at 8am and so she was done by 1130! It's custom for the swimmer who shaves the most time off her swim to pick the place to eat. But either way... both of our swimmers ALWAYS pick Golden Corral. I keep hoping they move on to somewhere like Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse.... or even Chili's! Ha! Buffet's are great.... but then not so great at the same time. Swimmer's choice, tho..... James says if I beat them in a race, I can pick the food.... so since that will never happen..... Golden Corral it is!
Later that day, we went to see Maleficent. Daddy, Grammy & Papa hadn't seen it, and the girls & I were more than happy to see it for a 2nd time. We love that movie!
Jax, however, either had too much excitement that day.... or just doesn't think Angelina Jolie all that interesting. Or maybe Papa's lap is just that comfortable!
We spent Sunday afternoon/evening playing games... the kids joined in this time, which is a first. It's odd having older kids who can actually COUNT and keep up with the game. The girls just love being included, too. I hope we can instill our love for games in our children and that they'll pass on their love to their kids!
Jax joined in on our Yahtzee game.... he had a blast throwing those dice! Or maybe it was the "YAY!!!!" he got after each roll. heh.
We played a grueling game of Racko (my fave game.... tho I always lose!)
The competitive crew:
Monday..... Grammy & Papa's flight didn't leave till later that day... so we decided to take advantage of a discount ticket day and take them to Six Flags.
Probably not the best idea to take 1 Minnesotans out on a humid, hot Texas day! They melt!! (I kid, y'all were great troopers.... tho I did think you might die a few times, just pass out right there!)
The weekend before had been SO NICE. The weather had definitely shifted by Monday tho.... hot with a kickin' side of humid.
But we made the best of it...

A morning routine....I may have brought out my ittybitty surface just to take this picture. I mean.... do "work" like them. James' face totally looks like he's "working". I don't see any stapling going on, m'dear!

After Six Flags, we made a quick stop at our favorite Sno Cone place....Steph's Chillville. When I say favorite, I mean FAVORITE (the other day we were looking around some neighborhoods in Aledo- 45 mins away from home- and I tried to convince the girls we should stop at this other sno cone place, and they refused! Wanted to wait for our favorite one! Crazy kids....I digress....)
The kids wanted to show Grammy & Papa their fave place.

The morning after Grammy & Papa left, Jax brought me the photo book with Papa on the back corner.... he had already asked 5 times if we were driving to their house that day.
Then he says to me: Papa has to wear floaties like me, that's ok, he can swim with me.
His little voice gave away that he was a little sad they weren't here anymore.... it's hard to not have everyone you love around you at all times.... it's so hard to understand WHY that can't happen.
At times like these, even tho there's only 16 hours separating us.... it's good to know we are a forever family. Such a small moment, made eternal with the knowledge we have and covenants we've made. 


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i LOVE your posts! they make me smile. love ya, lady! so glad you have great family to support y'all! and that ardee... i LOVE her too!

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