Sunday, September 20, 2015

Garth Brooks World Tour

To make posting easier...I downloaded the Blogger app....but learned that you have to HAVE TO hit save when you venture away from the app to check that text that keeps buzzing (which I just did again 2 seconds ago and am now writing this for the 3rd time) or you lose evrrrything. Whoops.
I'm sure I wrote something quite witty and insanely introspective that first and second time.

James was quick with this clicking finger and got us tickets to the Saturday 1030pm show. We learned when we got there that the 1030pm meant that's when the door opened, the actual show didn't start until 1130pm! A lil past these old fogies bedtime! Ha!
Garth sold out so quickly, so he opened a few extra showtime, with double headers on Friday and Saturday.  The man is a beast! You could tell his voice was super scratchy from the show before ours...but man alive, the show was so fabulous you barely noticed. 
When Garth first came out on stage, he straight up told us that he would be playing his oldies...cause that's what we came for! He did start his set with Man against Machine, from his newest album in 2014. 
Every song he played was complete nostalgia. 'The River' is one of my favorites...tho its hard to pick because they're all my fave.
We lit up that arena and I bawled like a baby...from the song, but more just from the awe of being there, ya know? It's been a dream of mine to see him in concert...ever since I was 10 years old! 
He puts everything into his shows! His stage was a 360* even tho our seats were basically behind the stage, we still got a great show...he was constantly running around, riding the big drumset ball...he had the FEVER!
AND he's 53! How in the world?!
The Thunder Rolls
Trisha Yearwood was his 'opener'...tho he started and ended the show...she came out in the middle and sang a few of her songs and a couple duets with him. It was her birthday, so we got to sing happy birthday to her! 
I felt like the night went by way too fast!! Doesn't it always, tho, when you're that excited about something. We were exhausted when we finally got back to our car. We are much too young to feel this damn old. Or maybe one should be awake at 2am! 
We spent the night at The Fairmont, just down the street (but far enough not to walk!)...this kids were so excited to spend the night at Grandma's and Grandpa's. 
Such an awesome night. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend getaway!