Sunday, September 27, 2015

Something worth recording, yeah?

Mid-summer, about July 22nd, we found out we are gonna add another seat at the table.
A new baby, can you believe it?!
We thought we were easy thought for me, Jax was a little rough and made it easy to throw up our hands and say "Done!"
Then that feeling came....the not-done feeling. At one point, I had 3 people in one week say to me "I thought you had 4 kids". I started to look for that 4th kid. 
That was about 10 months prior to the positive test...when the feeling started. Month after month we were disappointed. Looking back now, tho, of course Heavenly Father's timing worked out just like it should have. Those 10 months were probably some of the most stressful I'd ever been thru....deciding to move, signing on the new house, getting the old house in order, moving into the yucky townhouse, deciding to do day camp- then deciding not to do day camp, bring released from primary and trying to do a smooth transition with that, driving to the old house 2-3 days a week, mowing and sweating at the old house - lifting the day mower in and out of the van. All of these things....duh! Stress is so harmful and I kept myself in a balled up, stressful state for so many months. 

So, even with tears every month, the end result finally came, when all was calm. 

It's been an ok pregnancy so far.  I'll be 14 weeks this week on Weds. And I won't be sad to kiss that 1st trimester goodbye! Lots of icky, achy days....I basically wasted the whole summer laying in bed, poor kiddos. 

I've had a few appointments so far, including one with a specialty OB because I am considered "advanced maternal age" since I'm turning 35 in December. At the appointment with them, I met with a genetic counselor who went into lots of detail about chromosomes and genetics and all sorts of things that were super cool, but gave me a raging headache. 
I have another appointment at 18 weeks with them, when they will do another in-depth ultrasound. 
I have a new OB this's just to far to drive to my old one. I was wanting to see a different doctor anyways, so it worked out!
Dr Butler is great so far....she has me watching my blood pressure, it was a little high at my last visit. So I've been tracking it for about a week now and it fluctuates so much! Hopefully I can learn to chill out. 

This is the sono from my first ultrasound. I get two with this to check the heart beat and one to check the sex. At the specialty OB, the baby was measuring a week ahead of schedule. Yay for big babies!