Friday, April 18, 2008

Love Letter to Aube: 18 months

Dear Aubree,
My heart is full as I write this to you. You are 18 months today! I cannot believe how time has flown, that you are already Nursery age! It's amazing to think of the things that you have accomplished in just this last month. You have been quite the terror, but in between the tantrums and whining, I see bits and pieces of such a happy little girl. You love to play and laugh...and just this past week, after everything you do, you require a high-five! It's absolutely hilarious.
Your personality is very strong, a great trait for later in life, even if it causes some friction now. You can tell me what you want and especially what you don't want....makes life a little easier, taking the guess-work out of things. It also makes it harder b/c you have started to be a very picky eater and I usually find out everything you DON"T want more than what you do! I don't blame you for being picky....I'm no gourmet cook!
You have had an on-going battle with constipation, hopefully we will find some answers at your doctor's appointment. I hate to see you in pain, and it looks excruciating! I want to fix this problem, no matter what it takes...discomfort is NOT in the game plan!
You are such a beautiful child. I love that you let me put your hair up in pigtails--aptly named "mullet tails."
I love that you lay your head on my shoulder for comfort, take my hand when we walk, readily have a sloppy kiss available! My favorite moment of this month---seeing the sheer excitement in your face when I was coming around the corner at the airport. I will treasure that moment for my entire life! When I'm at my limits of patience b/c you won't eat or won't poop Ü...I will remember that moment, you almost falling over in joy!
This coming month...I promise you I will be a better mom....less short-tempered moments, more book reading, less scolding, more walks in the bright sun.
I love you, beautiful child of mine....