Sunday, May 11, 2008

Love Letter: To the Two.

Dearest Isabella Ruth and Aubree Susanna,

On this Mother's Day, I wanted to tell you two how much I love you and how much I enjoy being your mother! I couldn't ask for sweeter children! You make it easy to be a mommy sometimes. I feel that I'm not always the mommy you deserve, though....I let things bother me, I let the world tell me that I don't get enough from being just your mom. Being a mother can seem to be un-rewarding....there are days when I cook for you, clean you, play with you, teach you, keep you busy and what do I get.....what would seem to some as a whole lotta nothin'.....
But deep in my heart, I know this is not true....I know that my "reward" for mothering won't come in the form of money or presents or something I can reward will be in the small things, the things not seen or heard, but sometimes will just be felt. Please look over this fault of mine...for on the outside I may seem disappointed but on the inside I will always know what I am doing for you is important and guided by the Lord. Being a mother may feel unrewarding, but it will never be unfulfilling!
I hope for you on this Mother's Day...that you will know how much you are loved. The love that I feel for you is so true and so deep, you will never find another (maybe your Dad...but I'm still first in line) who will love and care for you as I do. I would do anything for you.....

There is a saying that I love:
Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were here an hour, I would give my life for you. This is the miracle of life.

You are my miracles.