Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My complaint list.

~I am, don't get it....EX. HAUS. TED. Like even at this moment, I could like down on the cold, tile floor and go to sleep, just zonk right out. But can I? No. You can't sleep when you have things like kids, work till the wee hours, projects, life, cleaning, laundry, dinner...oh and being pregnant. I'm better on my days off, when I can get to sleep at a decent time...thank goodness. But I can be quite the beast on my 8 day work rotation, my poor girls! I blame, blame, blame this all on work...but really, will I get any more sleep with this dear, sweet boy of mine comes and we're feeding every 2 hours...umm, nope. Do I need to just suck it up? Yes.

~I can't remember a thing. I seriously walk into a room and more than 90% of the time, I have to stop and REALLY think of what I needed in that room. And most of the time, I walk back out of the room and instantly remember why I should be in the OTHER room, and then walk right back into that room. I know the stigma of 'Preggo Brain' and that's probably what it is. But why do we get preggo brain? Is my brain just too busy making a baby to retain any short term memory? Last night James came in and told me about what he was doing with dinner, I agreed and then a short while later, he comes with my food and I'm like "What the heck is this? I didn't want my chicken in a salad!" He tells me I agreed to it when he came in I remember this? NO.
I read somewhere that it could be called D.I.P.S. or Dumbness Induced by Pregnancy Syndrome. But a better explanation might be:
It's understandable that women's emotional levels vary greatly during pregnancy. Hormonal surges, combined with the fact that pregnant women must eat for two and may be getting less sleep, are contributory.
Increased levels of the hormone progesterone are thought to be a culprit in pregnancy brain. Progesterone can often cause headaches, mood swings and fatigue. The increase of progesterone is often greatest in the first trimester and may be the reason for increased forgetfulness.
The effects of pregnancy brain vary greatly among women. They can be as simple as forgetting phone numbers that one has dialed for years or placing toilet paper in the fridge. Doctors have devised a few key steps that may help pregnant women decrease the risk of pregnancy brain. Sleep is a key factor in keeping the mind mentally healthy. A pregnant woman should try to get the same amount of sleep as she did before the pregnancy. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential to keep both mother and baby healthy.

Exercise is also essential to keep the circulation flowing, decrease tiredness and make the mother feel mentally healthier. Another tip is to drink plenty of fluids. When pregnant women become dehydrated, their electrolytes may be disrupted, causing decreased memory and confusion.
The good news for pregnant women is that pregnancy brain is only temporary. It should start to decrease once the baby is born.
Ha... Ü I don't know if I ever got my pre-baby brain back after Bella...and I think it's been all downhill from there. Maybe that's why it's so bad with this 3rd one!

~I'm hungry. Remember when I said I just didn't have an appetite? Well, that has been drastically changing with the fast-approaching 3rd trimester. I am seriously HUNGRY....and because the thing that satisfies that hunger is sweets...I'm pretty sure I may fail my diabetes test next week. Whoops.

~There are SO many things I want to get done...or just to do...but there is always something that comes up or something that is missing so I can't do them! For example....these Felt Letters from BeingLDS blog. sewing machine! Darn. Or these cute Thank You notes by Not So Idle Hands. Cricut machine, oh MAN there are so many cute projects out there that would instantly be done with one of those handy-dandy machine's. Or what about the fact that I want to do a mock-preschool for the girls like 3 times a week, but just cant get my act far we have practice drawing/tracing lines...and tracing letters. Bella had a speech therapy meeting yesterday and the kinder teacher in attendance gave us a list of words that the kids are tested on in the first part, middle and end of the kinder school year. Sending her to kinder scares me...especially with her lack of preschool and lack of social interaction due to mom's hermit tendencies. I'm sure she will be fine, I just have a case of the mother-nerves that everyone has in the months before they send their kids off to school...the truth of it is, she's going to have a blast away from me!

~Coming up with a name for a child is HARD. Not only are there like, SO many options out there....but our last name sounds good with only 50% of those names...and then you have to realize this kid is stuck with this name forever. I don't remember it being this hard with Bella and Aube...but maybe it was, I just can't remember (ha! go figure).

~Why oh why, when I'm at the park with my kids (tho, I am thankful I got to take them today, it was nice to get out of the house after it being so cold lately) and I'm sitting, minding my own business, usually with a book, glancing up here and there to make sure my kids haven't fallen off anything...does that LADY always talk to me. She may be a grandma or a mom or a babysitter...but she looks passed the fact that I'm READING and tries to start up a conversation. Do I really look that friendly when immersed in a book? I understand most of us mom's don't have adult conversations between the hours of 8 and 6, and that seeing another mom at the park may be very tempting. But I'm no good with small talk and I'd rather just read!'s quite frustrating, Chatty Cathy...please leave me alone.

I probably have more complaints...but truthfully, I forgot. Maybe thats a good thing. I can't let the whining take over me! But it feels good to get it out every once in awhile. Less than 3 months till induction! Ü I can't wait to meet him...whatever his name may be!


Jenny said...

Love you. Just absolutely love you!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to iron my shirt...and don't put it in the fridge.

Sarah Smiles said...

Iron your own shirt, dude. My memory is not so bad that I don't remember you iron your own stuff!

Krista said...

Can I just say ditto on all of that!! We are having a hard time picking out a name too:) And I'm worried about my glucose test. And I have horrible prego brain. And my hormones are going bazonkers with this one. These boys are already giving us a run for our money!!
And that is awesome that you can read a book while you kids play (well, except when someone is bugging you:) Our stupid playgrounds have so many high drops that I have to watch Jordyn all the time to make sure she doesn't fly off the dang things!! :)

Lois Brown said...

Hang in there know it is all worth it! But I totally understand about people talking to me when I want to read.....I hate that. I don't do small talk either I just want to be left alone or left alone to read!!! That sounds bad dosen't it. But it is how I feel. If I know someone that is different, of course i would put the book down and do small talk, but complete strangers I just want to say "leave me alone please"!

Jenni said...

Preggo brain and all you still make us laugh.

Bell Family Blog said...

Sarah come use my cricut machine! Seriously!! :) Anytime you want you are welcome to it.