Friday, September 17, 2010

The big, fat blank wall....

I've been looking for inspiration for this big {fat} blank wall for three years now....THREE YEARS....we've been in this house since July 2007 and I've never once put anything up on this wall. I don't know why....I think I've been waiting for the perfect idea?? The perfect wall hanging?? Something large...or a few somethings small? I don't think I'll hang a ton of small picture frames...
I'm afraid that they'll get all wonky and I'll end up fixing it 17 times a day {stinkin' OCD}!

So....I've waited patiently. Played with ideas...I really wanted to do a ginormous family tree. Like this one but painted on a large piece of wood...that way it's movable. I was inspired by my sister Laura's husband's grandma's house {did you get that? sisters aunts mothers brothers grandmother?? kidding} I  wish I had taken a picture of the one she has on her wall! I remember it in my mind, tho...a big painted tree, with a small framed picture for each family member....going back generations, so there were really cool older pictures of family, too. I've been trying to start my collection of small gaudy frames from the thrift store. Ü
I may have to do some sort of silhouette collection?? Wouldn't that be cute??
And while we're here, I might as well mention this awesome little creation. And a modern family tree, I especially love the rectangle one at the bottom. I may just have to recreate THIS, too. Yikes. I need to stop browsing....the wall might become a mish-mosh of random things....
I actually did buy a few large black plate to decorate and inspiration coming from this plate first love.
A few weeks ago...I got lucky {giggle} when I spotted this in my neighbors trash. Yes, that's right....I dumpster dove. Well, not really....but I did stop my car in the middle of the street {not really, but that's more dramatic, yes? so just picture that} and grab save this baby from the depths of despair.....errr....the dump. I love me some swirly, gaudy frames. I've been drooling of the UNG DRILL frame from IKEA, but I can't fathom paying $30 for it! So when I found this baby for FREE, I seriously teared up a bit.
Even with a big ole crack...I still love it. I spray-painted it black {of course...still may switch that to another color, maybe a teal? or purple?? }....and removed the mirror part, which I thought about getting a replacement for...buuuut....I think I'm going to hang it from a ribbon with a K in the middle.
I was trying to find a picture of it spray-painted black...and ummm, this is the only one I could find...yikes. I wanted to post this picture anyways. At first glance, you may think "oh crap, Sarah's hoarder genes have finally emerged"....yes, hoarding runs in my family. But just like Grandpa Sargent probably said when people looked at his office....I must say, this is organized chaos.
Starting from the top left....frames, needing to be painted and filled with lovely pictures...down to the felt, waiting to be made into quiet books....zig-zag back up to the Jolly Roger shirt I need to make another of and send to my friend Tanya....down to the journal project I talked about yesterday....back up to the small picture albums that need to be made into a Proclamation on the Family Book for my visiting teaching ladies....back down to the Steam-A-Stitch which was supposed to be used at the baby shower last week to make applique'd onesies {but didnt because I ran out of time} the Pray decoration that needs to find a home on my bookshelf...and the pirate hat that needs dreads for Jaxson's halloween costume, which is resting on the towel fabric I bought to make more burp cloths! Sheesh...that's not including the extra Prophet magnet set I made for our seminary teacher, the pair of ladies socks I bought to make baby leg warmers, the stack of t-shirts to applique...aaaaand the stack of bags I need to put a CTR on for my primary teachers!
Wowza...I should probably get started instead of blogging, don't you think? Ü

I think I'm officially a project-aholic.


Jenni said...

I need a nap just looking at the table of things to do.

Julie said...

That mirror is very cool. It would look great in black! How fun.

Cheree said...

I've been really bad about commenting. . . You are so crafty. You're also so great updating your blog and I love reading it.
So . . . In confession of my blog stalking (again), I have to ask. What happend to your cousin "Crafty Ashley"? I liked seeing her cutie-pie twins. She dissapeared! :(

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Well, after she de-friended me on facebook and continually trashed my mom and family, I decided to remove myself from that situation. Her blog isn't worth reading at this point in time, I wouldn't waste my time if I were you!

And no worries about commenting! I'm so bad at it, too...I blame it on Google Reader!

Cheree said...

Ouch!!! :(

I'm so sorry there's a rift going on. I hope it mends itself soon.

Who could be mad at you or your family anyhow?! Craziness.

Well - I don't comment - but I do LOVE you guys!!! We need to get together soon!!

Lois Brown said...

Sarah - I love the first big family tree but really my fav's are the plate montage (sp?) and the tea cup clock! Those look like you! But whatever you do I know it will be awesome!