Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop Pop!

We miss you!
I loved that I could take the opportunity to talk to my girls about their great grandpa today. Not that he doesn't come up from time to time...but we were able to go thru pictures and talk about them, then I had them pick out their favorites!

This one is Aube's (isn't it just a chubby Jax?? lol).
She says she remembers PopPop...and his doggies.
This is Bella's favorite.
She said "Did PopPop pick a flower and put it my hair??" lol.
Nope, but that's a good idea!
I have a {very neglected} rose bush in my backyard and everytime I see it I think of my grandparents.
It's amazing the impact a person makes on your life. I had fantastic grandparents on both my mom's side AND my dad's side. But I wasn't privileged enough to live in the same city as PopPop and Grams...we visited as much as time and money would allow. But just the same, some of my best memories have them in it! I'm so thankful for that!
The picture below is what I had planned to have done by PopPop's birthday...was journals for each of my family members...{wouldn't that have been cool to get a journal in the mail today, with PopPop's picture right on front?? sorry.... :(}
One of my favorite {written down} quotes from PopPop is:"Keep a journal, start in your youth and don't procrastinate. I started recording my history and life events when I was in my 80th year. It has been difficult to remember important dates and events that happened in my early life. I strongly encourage everyone to start recording their history NOW!
Please don't procrastinate! We should all have started in our youth; please start now if you haven't started yet. And if you have started, good! And keep it up

{I wish I would have written down/taped everything he said!}
The picture shows just how far I've gotten with my journal "project"...just like most projects of mine lately!  It's all there! It just needs to be cut out and put together!
Urgh! But  hey, they will make great Christmas presents, right?!
Anyways...I hope my family members will take a minute today to remember Grampa Jones...I know he's probably on your minds constantly, so I know that is a needless reminder! And I hope those of you who aren't family will take a minute to call your own grandparents, or write them an email or letter...send them a picture, something! One day the ones we love are here, and the next they are gone. Life is too short, thank goodness for eternity!


Jennifer said...

Thank you Sarah for those memories and pictures. Grandpa was an irreplaceable great man and grandpa!! :) I sure miss him too! I always feel guilty I didn't visit him as much!! But I know he knows we love him no matter what! :) Love you sis!

Jenni said...

I love reading about your memories of your grandparents. I didn't know mine on my dad's side at all and barely knew my mom's. I'm so glad that my kids have so many sets of grandparents that love them and they can see a lot more often.

Lois Brown said...

very nice! So glad that you are keeping his memory alive with your children!

Anonymous said...

Look! Jax is watering a tree with Grandpa!

Krista said...

I was thinking the same thing James:)
I have been thinking about my Grandma as well. It's sad to know that I have no more living Grandparents.