Monday, September 13, 2010

A plethora of random pictures....found.

So, I take random pictures a's in my blood {ahem}...but I like it, because I'm capturing life...real life! So here are a few from the last few weeks....

When I was helping at the craft fair last weekend, I picked up some things {how could I not!}. One of which was a cute, crocheted hair piece for Bella {and me}. Isn't she just a doll?? She got SO many ooo's and aaahhh's at church that day! This was made by Julie...she has an etsy shop and blogs over at Coco1981.
Best. Rolls. Ever. I think they are Rhodes Rolls? {Not 100% on that, cause....they're in my freezer...over there....and I'm a chair?? duh} I had them for the first time at Jenny's house in Houston...and oh my, got a bag right away....the only downside is that the "speedy method" takes an hour and a half, which honestly is hard for me...cause I'm not thinking about dinner until like 10 minutes before I'm supposed to start it! lol...maybe that's the problem...
These kids are awesome...all four of them...the two in the middle are our friends kids...they are a bit older than mine, but I just love them to death because they are such nice kids. I absolutely love that they are NICE to my girls. A lot of times, kids their age aren't very nice to them....and then older kids just tend to ignore them. But not these kids...they like to sit and play....of course, it IS a Wii game...but that's the only thing my girls want to do now-a-days anyhow!
Learning to read....ain't it grand? She's catching on real quick in Kinder...she loves those sight words! We're trying hard to 'remember' to read to her EVERY's harder than it sounds! I used to read to her daily...but for some reason, throw 'having' to read to her into the equation and everything and anything gets in the way....
It's fall! Well...not quite, but I can hope! It's still in the 90s....still....but it does get cooler at night, so I've been sticking the little dude in footsie jammies instead of just plain ole onesies. I don't have very many because he's growing FAST...geez, louise. But we did have one 3-6 month-er that he was able to wear once...and he looked so stinkin' cute in it, that I left him in it for over 24 hours. lol.
And then, I found this eye chart one at Target...HAD to buy it...I just HAD to. Cause it's hilarious.

It's rained a TON lately...which is nice...but only when you have an umbrella. Which I didn't....when it was POURING down at just the time I needed to pick up Bella...needless to say, we were soaked. I finally bought us an umbrella this week...finally...after 4 years here! Up next...galoshes.
You don't know these gals....but the girl on the right is a friend from Church and I was priveleged to throw her a shower this past Saturday. It was fun to put together, a tad bit stressful, but totally worth it.
I was helping her other friend throw it...and this girl is so rad...she FLEW Lisa's mom in just for the shower as a surprise. Lisa walked in and saw her mom sitting there and we all started bawling.
Lisa's mom lives in Idaho....and being so far away, she doesnt get to see her a lot {sound familiar??}.
What a nice gift, yes?? I would have DIED if someone had flown my mother in for my shower....just died.
There is nothing like having your mother around, supporting and comforting you, especially when you are bringing a new spirit into the world!
I just love this picture!

There you of the past week-ish. What random things have you been up to lately?


Jennifer said...

sarah you are awesome :) I love ya sister!! There are so many things in this post I want to comment on but by the end I have forgotten them all.. One thing though, I'm so glad Bella is loving Kinder!! That is always a good thing!