Sunday, September 12, 2010

What do you want from me?? What do you want from me??? {sung in Adam Lamberts' crazy-annoying voice}

It's gonna be a handmade Christmas...I can just tell already {not that that's a bad probably would have been anyways....but it's better than a no-present Christmas, as James suggested Ü}. Some may groan, thinking "crap...Sarah is going to make me something again this year....bleh....why can't she just send us gift cards" and I know, I cards would be SO much easier! But can I do that? Um....nope. I like to make things, half the time it costs more to make things...sometimes it costs a ton less...but I'd really like to make things that you want.

So's this is what I want from you want something specific from me this year {this is mainly to family, but you friends out there, I'd like ideas for you too}??

I just wanted to ask.... Ü. I'm so excited for the holidays....I can't believe its already halfway thru September. This is the busy-busy time of year, isn't it! I've got the girls birthday party to plan {or not plan, trying not to let my burned-out state affect planning that party!}....then there is Halloween to decorate for and costumes to come up with....then Thanksgiving projects and crafts to do with the girls, and a Turkey dinner to not plan {yay!}....then Christmas! Oh Christmas is going to be a blast this year...Disneyland {which is an everyday discussion topic over here in Kirchnanaland...James is having a little too much fun planning it} and then a week+ in Cedar with my family!  I could not be more excited! Excited, excited, excited....eek! And not to mention the cooler weather is just around the may still be in the 90s out there...but I just know the cool breeze is coming!

Have to get some rest now....I've been getting maybe 6 hours of sleep a nite for 2 weeks now, and we all know Sarah needs her 8 hours....tonite and tomorrow nite are no exception...but my goal is to at least be in bed before 1am! What an insomniac I've become!


Krista said...

When are you guys going to Disneyland??? We are trying to decide when to go!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

We're not 100% on when...probably on my birthday?? But we've got some other things to sort out, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you make me a Playstation 3?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I sure can try...may not be able to play it and it might be made out of felt! :)