Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aubree goes to State

This summer, Aubree qualified to go to a Regional A swim meet. At that meet, she swam 3 events. Out of those 3 events, she was DQ'd (not Dairy Queened...tho that would be nice... disqualified) for 2 of them because of a kick issue... but she qualified in her 50 free to move on to STATE.
So, we drove down to the State games in College Station. What a fun experience for our lil Aube!
It was overcast, thank goodness... if the sun would have been out, we would have been toast!
College Station is just a few hours drive... Grandma and Grandpa joined us for Aube's big day.
And San Antonio was only a few hours drive, so Emily, Jed & Ollie came to see her swim, too!!
It's crazy awesome having family so close!
Since she was only swimming one event (there she is in the green suit, right in the middle!) we were there for maybe an hour! And her swim time was less that 40 seconds! But hey, we were so proud of her, we would have been there to watch her swim for 1 second.
You could tell she was nervous... but she did such a great job.
Her final standing was 22 out of 45.
She's the 22nd fastest girl in the state of Texas. How cool is that??
Especially since this is the girl who didn't want to be on swim team. Go Aubree, go!
Afterwards, we spent some time exploring a nearby park. Uncle Jed disappeared for a good chunk of time and came back with this beautiful flower crown for Aube. So sweet!
After the kids played for a bit, we found a fun little pizza place that had all different kinds of pizza and was super yummy!
Then we said goodbye to family... and kept driving south to Galveston Island.
We got to our hotel on the beach after dark.... just in time to see some fireworks in the distance.