Monday, October 20, 2014

Fitz & the Tantrums

James has a weird (but awesome) knack of winning things. Over the years of our marriage, he's won random things, including Cowboys tickets and concert tickets. This summer, on July 24th, we headed to the House of Blues in Dallas to enjoy a concert with tickets he had won.
We went early to get some dinner at the restaurant part of House of Blues.
The waiter suggested we try this shrimp diablo yumminess from heaven. It was truly divine. The picture, as always, doesn't do it justice.
Since we were so early, we were able to take our time and enjoy our meal. It's always nice to have time to just hang out with your spouse.
I had only vaguely heard of Fitz & the Tantrums. A few days before the concert, I downloaded an album of theirs so I'd be familiar with their music.
I love that album. It's catchy, fun music... not the regular ole stuff you hear on the radio. If you want something upbeat and fun to listen to ....go take a listen to More Than Just a Dream.
You're welcome.
Our tickets allowed us to line up early and get a good spot. They were general admission... which meant we stood the ENTIRE night. I'm a little too old for that, but the music was so great that it was worth it! We stood RIGHT in front tho.... like at the barrier in front of the stage.
There's something magical about being so close to the artists at a concert... seeing their facial expressions, their mannerisms.... their sweat, holy gross. It makes it so fun and so real.
The opening act was Matt (or Max?? idk) Stone.
He was showing off some mad skills... playing 2 guitars at a time.
Fitz did not disappoint. I didn't know what exactly to expect going into this concert. But I don't know when I've had so much fun. It wasn't just good music and the lights and whatever... it was FUN. Seriously... their music is so upbeat....Fitz & Noelle, the leads, put on a fantastic, high-energy show.
It's safe to say this was, by far, my most favorite concert I've been to.

Fitz....Michael Fitzpatrick is the lead... he's just fantastic with that white stripe in his hair and his hipster jeans. He started the band in 38 years old. For some reason this is so crazy to me.... in my mind, bands are started by teenagers in their garage. But this dude was older than James when he purchased an old electronic organ and wrote a song, then formed a band. What luck, right? Made me think that our "dream" to have a family band isn't so far-fetched because we're so "old". heh.
Such a fun, memorable night. So so glad James won these tickets!
Now I'll forever be singing in my head....
Give me a sledgehammer and give me strength
Watch the world come crumbling down
Cut me loose I seek the truth
I bet the freedom, the freedom will carry me
Hey! Break the walls!!!